Connect with Professionals

Ecapacities provides the ability to find specific experts by searching for one or more competencies across Ecapacities African-wide pool of users ranging from Lecturers, Researchers, consultants etc.

Let employers find you

Ecapacities helps get in contact with employers and recruiters by proactively matching your competencies to Job posts thus exposing you to an African-wide job market.

Advertise a job

Looking for a new employee? Ecapacities offers recruiters to posts jobs and utilise a standardise pool competencies/skills that will ensure that job requirements can be matched to job seekers accurately.

Advertise a course

Training providers can utilise Ecapacities’ Africa-wide network of prospective students, researchers etc, in promoting their institutions, educational programmes beyond the bounds of their locality.


Operated by the Africa-AgJCD group (Africa Agriculture Joint Capacity Development group)